As your webmaster, Slides n' Moore offers inexpensive custom web solutions providing one stop shopping for your complete web site development needs. Slides n' Moore develops web sites using hand-written html (xhtml, dhtml) and css (cascading style sheets). As examples, Slides n' Moore provides Webmaster Services for the following websites:

From start to finish, Slides n' Moore will:

Please contact us with your needs. We will provide you with a specific development plan and price quote to meet those needs. In most cases, our quote will be lowest you can find.

link to slide restoration example page link to the one stop web site solutions page, complete custom design and implementation This particular Slides n' Moore website was developed to show-case the currently fashionable horizontal style navigation menu at the top and bottom of each page. In addition, a classic external link bar is featured just below the navigation menu on each page. The navigation bar utilizes the latests Flex 4 techniques to create the button images as well as the button roll-over effects. Custom thumbnail picture icon page-links such as shown to the left and right appear on the home page with relevant text providing visual association with the written material. Normal text page-links such as, EXAMPLE, are embedded throughout the narative allowing specific link relations to be highlighted. Note that all links have associated pop-up information.

Various scripts (actionscript, javascript, php, perl, cgi, vb script, asp, etc.) and other techniques such as Flash or Flex 4 can be used for active content. For Example, we display the images of two photos, one original and one restored, in the second example on the PHOTO RESTORE, page. We do this so that our visitors can compare the images in detail. However in some cases, it might be more effective to make the comparison dynamic by alternatively displaying images in the same space as shown to the right. This particular example uses advanced Flex 4 and XML technology. The same technique can be use to place simple slideshows on your web site. Slides n' Moore will analyze your problem and determine the most effective script language to use, design, and implement the solution.

In all cases where visitors to a web site developed by Slides n' Moore are provided an eMail link for contact purposes, a simple link to the visitor's eMail client WILL NOT BE USED. This method provides a convienant back door for hackers and spam generators. Slides n' Moore provides a more secure form system where visitors fill in a form and submits the message through the web site effectly closing the door.

Slides n' Moore also offers other custom menu presentation styles. Please visit Knieper Realty, Inc. to see variations on the popular left side vertical navigation menu. Custom CSS techniques are used to provide special active content as seen on the map in Waterfront Living Texas. If you don't see a menu presentation style or special active content that appeals to you, custom specifications will be developed as Slides n' Moore determines your needs.