Slides n' Moore can correct, repair, and restore your old, damaged, faded and/or washed out 35mm slide or slides. Even though 35 mm slides appear to be the standard size today, any 2"X2" slide can be processed. Please eMail us if your slide or slides are a different size. Once corrected, repaired and restored, Slides n' Moore can provide custom prints of the slide (or slides) and archive the image (or images) on CD/ROM.

image of original slide image of restored slide
Original Slide Restored Slide

This 42 year old slide has faded and acquired a red tint with age.
The red tint was removed and the color intensity restored.
The photographer's shadow was removed from the left bottom corner foreground.
The overall slide was retouched and restored.
All repair and restoration is to digital image, original slide is only scanned.