Has your prized keepsake document been damaged through the years? Has it been torn? Scratched? Is it faded? Do you think it is damaged beyond repair? From a minor touch up to a complete restoration, Slides n' Moore can correct, retouch, repair, and restore your old, torn, scratched, damaged, faded and/or washed out document or documents. We have had success correcting, retouching, repairing and restoring documents that have been torn into multiple pieces and have multiple scratches as well as documents that have faded to a washed out appearance. Slides n' Moore has restored the faded, washed out, unreadable writing to clear, readable text on documents. Yes, your document is a candidate for restoration. Once corrected, retouched, repaired and restored, Slides n' Moore can provide custom prints of the document (or documents) and archive the images on CD/ROM.

image of original document torn in 4 pieces image of restored document
Original Document Restored Document

This 98 year old document was torn into four separate pieces along fold lines.
The four separate pieces were put together and all areas repaired and restored.
Restored document image is original size, 11.58 by 15.5 inches.
Restored document image printed original size for display.
All repair and restoration is to digital image, original document is only scanned.